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Specialists in New and Reclaimed Welsh Slates

Materials that have been used on a building before which are then re-used in another building project are known as ‘reclaimed’. Rather than being discarded as ‘second-hand’, reclaimed Welsh slate boast such impressive durability properties that the material is often re-used in its original form, only being re-sized if it has become damaged around the edges. Usually, in the event of a Welsh roof failure where a replacement is needed, it is due to the failure of the nails, not the slates themselves. This longevity makes Welsh slates a valuable asset to any commercial or house roof.

With ‘reclaimed’ slate being good for the environment, Welsh Slate has a proven popularity, being used all around the world for cladding and the flooring of buildings, as well as roofing. Durable and reliably waterproof with an attractive finish, Welsh Slates have all the hallmarks for a great roof, with the demand for them steadily increasing during the past ten years, despite the influx of Chinese, Brazilian and Spanish slate from overseas.

Here at R.A. Sidebottom (Roofing Contractors) Ltd, we are specialists in both new and reclaimed Welsh slate, which is a perfect investment for your roof and home.

Experts in New and Reclaimed Westmoreland Slates

Radiating pure Britishness, permanence and quality, Westmoreland Slates are a classic after being quarried for more than 400 years. This type of slate is from the Borrowdale Volcanic Group of Cumbria, created when an ancient volcanic ash deposit is exposed to heat and high pressure.

Large quantities of a mineral called chlorite give these striking slates their distinctive grey-green colour, making the durable and water-resistant Westmoreland Slates an exquisitely sophisticated roofing choice for your business property or house roof.

New and Reclaimed Burlington Slate Professionals

Burlington Slate is another firm British favourite, derived from natural stone that has been quarried for over four centuries in the heart of the Lake District. Ecologically friendly and innately durable, Burlington Slate makes its mark with its distinguished blue-grey colour.

If you are looking for specialists in traditional British Burlington Slate, new or reclaimed, you have come to the right place!

Traditional Yorkshire Stone Slate

With our business having its roots firmly embedded in the Yorkshire valleys and hills, we are natural fans of Yorkshire stone slate. Originally the stone roofing slabs that topped houses that are often over a century old, Yorkshire Stone Slate are reclaimed traditional Yorkshire stone. The term ‘slate’ simply refers to the ‘slating’ technique- the method used to cover a roof in slates.

Yorkshire stone slates are usually arranged with the larger slates positioned at the bottom of the roof with the rows of stone, decreasing in size as they near the top of the roof.

Despite the diverse range of roofing materials available today, the robust Yorkshire stone remains a popular choice across the roofing sector thanks to the durability properties of the material and strong ability to withstand damage from harsh weather conditions that we are all too familiar with in Northern England.

Imported Slate Specialists

As it has been used for centuries by man, it is only fair to assume that natural slate is both robust as it is reliable when it comes to roofing and roofing materials. It also retains its colour, with shades refusing to fade despite a slate ageing. Whilst the British Isles produce many great types of slate, including Westmoreland and Burlington slates, the quality of slates from overseas cannot be ignored.

Chinese slate is a popular cost-effective option and an ideal alternative to Burlington Slate appearance-wise, whilst being strong and durable. Spanish slate meanwhile, has a graceful and beautiful finish, whilst boasting long-lasting properties. Brazilian slate is renowned for its versatility. The hardwearing material is available in a range of colours to cater to every palette.

Although a slate might perform well in one overseas climate, it might not necessarily have the same longevity here in England. That being said, slates from abroad possess a number of advantages.

For increased diversity and to widen your choice of traditional slates, contact R.A. Sidebottom (Roofing Contractors) Ltd today!

Full Range of Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are another traditional and reliable roofing material that has been established for centuries. The fact that clay does not fall prey to mould or rot and is tremendously hardwearing makes it a reputable roofing material. A force to be reckoned with when it comes to protecting a building against extreme weathers, temperature variations do not cause clay roof tiles to grow or shrink, unlike their wood roofing counterparts, making them a great choice for your roof.

These days we all know how important it is to be a friend to the environment. Thanks to clay being a natural material, tiles made from it are environmentally friendly and easily recycled. Due to clay roof tiles having reflective properties, they can prevent heat loss through the roof by reflecting it back into your home or property- where you want it! Increasing the energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems does wonders for your energy bills too!

Being practical is important when it comes to your choice of roofing materials but clay roof tiles allow you to be aesthetically adventurous too. We at R.A. Sidebottom (Roofing contractors) Ltd offer a full range of clay roof tiles in an interesting and varied array of shapes, sizes and shades, enabling you to tailor your unique roof to your individual tastes.

Full Range of Concrete Roof Tiles

Like clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles often outperform many other roofing materials. Sometimes used as a substitute for clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles are made by moulding a sand, water and cement mixture under heat and high pressure then usually finished off by adding a material similar to paint to the surfaces of the tiles.

The weather would be foolish to take on concrete tiles but, with Yorkshire folk being accustomed to high winds and heavy downpours, concrete roof tiles having extra water locks or interlocking ribs at the edges is a huge advantage as they help prevent water penetration.

Another beneficial bonus is that concrete roof tiles are not prone to cracking and shattering, being able to withstand damage that is inevitably inflicted on it by freezing temperatures. This makes concrete a suitable material to use on a roof in virtually any climate.

The appearance of concrete roof tiles is versatile. They can be smooth or textured with a flat or profiled appearance. With the full range of shapes, sizes and profiles that we offer, the concrete tiles we fit for you are guaranteed to fulfil the preferences you have for your home or property.

All Types of Artificial Slating

One of the main highlights that make artificial slate stand out is the fact that the material is so lightweight, which brings about many other advantages.

If you are especially environmentally conscious you may opt for artificial slating as, with the material’s innate lightness, fewer carbon emissions are expended than those that would normally be used to transport heavier tiles. Synthetic slate is also a recyclable material.

Not weighing much also contributes to the artificial slates being easy to install, with less heavy weight to lift resulting in builders being able to work more efficiently. Being so light means synthetic slate is extremely cost-effective with very little maintenance required so minimal upkeep costs to boot!

Imagine how much rain, cold, wind, snow and sleet an average roof endures in Northern England…its a fair bit! Artificial slate offers brilliant value, being an economical yet effective roofing solution no matter what the weather is like where you live.

Many choose traditional slate for their roofs as it looks visually appealing but artificial slate does not let you down in this area either. Whilst being lightweight and cost-effective, we work with reliable suppliers to offer a range of artificial slates in a diverse variety of styles and colours giving you precisely what we want you to have: choice!